A real time Loss Prevention solution that uses video analytics and artificial intelligence in the form of a deep learning algorithm to detect articles left in, under or behind shopping carts


How it works

  • IP camera at POS monitors all carts (behind, under or inside the cart *)
  • Dedicated local server processes all images in real time
  • Incident detected: Alarm buzzer sounds, an image/message is sent to the screen notifying the employee of the need to act (empty carts are ignored)
  • All events recorded with time and date stamp for comparative analysis between checkouts, stores, cashiers etc.

* Depending on client requirements

caddycheck infographic


  • Improved profitability, cashier compliance & efficiency
  • Fully automated shopping cart control 24/7
  • Spots what EAS can’t see
  • Real time alerts of goods at risk of non-payment
  • Demonstrated sales recovery and shrink reduction
  • Option to control cashier compliance remotely
  • Works with any cart design including multiple cart formats in the same store
  • Typical ROI: <12 months