Our current range of solutions based on our innovative Cognitive Video Analysis are the following:


CaddyCheck® CheckOut – TopDown

Caddycheck Checkout TopdownAutomatic real time monitoring to ensure cart baskets are empty as they pass the checkout 24/7. Cashiers are alerted to items in the cart that need to be controlled. As many as 35% of cart baskets carry unpaid items past the checkout.

CaddyCheck® CheckOut – BackTray

Caddycheck Checkout Backtray
Instant notification of items left on the kicktray behind shopping carts. On average 12% of kick-trays carry bulky unpaid items past the POS (trays of beer, soft drinks, water, diapers etc).

CaddyCheck® CheckOut – Basket Control

Caddycheck Trolley Basket
Hand baskets and even boxes being pushed along the floor can be monitored to avoid unpaid goods passing through the checkout.

CaddyCheck® Self-CheckOut

Caddycheck Self Check
CaddyCheck can monitor cart and basket traffic at the checkout to control that they are empty as they pass the POS. Product scanning control is also being developed.

CaddyCheck® PushOut – Entrance

Caddycheck Push Out
PushOut theft at the store entrance, carts full of unpaid merchandise being pushed out, are detected automatically to advise staff of illegal attempts to leave the store. Real time alerts can be visual, acoustic and/or on a remote screen or device to stop thieves in their tracks.

CaddyCheck® PushOut – CheckOut

Caddycheck Push Out
Closed checkouts are monitored 24/7 to instantly notify staff when carts full of unpaid goods are taken through unattended checkouts. Like our Entrance solution, alarms can be tailored to individual client needs.

CaddyCheck® Count
Counts and date stamps all cart traffic

Cart traffic analysis made easy. CaddyCheck® counts every cart that passes each checkout to give a precise time and date stamped overview of traffic throughout the day by checkout and store. Data that can easily be contrasted with cart receipt values and staffing levels for greater productivity.

CaddyCheck® Show

Store activity dashboard (Cart Alarms/PushOuts/Non-Response, Alarm Events/Traffic data). Communicates checkout or store entrance events to a fixed remote station for added control or supervision.

CaddyCheck® Analytics
Statistical Analysis Reporting (via email)

Gathers and simplifies cart traffic and detection data to give an overview of total events and traffic by store, checkout, time and incident. By simplifying incident analysis, managers can see when and where their biggest opportunities lie.